Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups promote the Probus ethos of Fun, Friendship and Fellowship. At present we have 10 such groups.  Individual categories are only available to members.

I urge you to take the time to check out each group’s page and all the other important information available to you throughout our website. You need to logon to see specific information about each Interest Group.

Each Group has a Convenor and it is their responsibility to ensure the Club is kept informed of dates and times of all activities being planned and that an accurate attendance register is kept of each meeting for insurance purposes.

Each group is open to all members who are interested in participating in any of the activities on offer, giving you the opportunity to get to know your fellow Probians better. If you cannot commit to attending every time why not pop along on a casual basis to the Coffee Group, or Walking Group, or get your bike out of the shed, dust it off and go for a ride when the fancy takes you. The Singing Group currently has 14 members and a good number would be 20… we could do with a few more males and sopranos.

I sincerely trust that you see these Groups for what they are, an extension of our great Club and not as splinter groups.  We should be working to make sure Probus is relevant and attractive to all our members and by bringing new ideas and activities such as our Special Interest Groups we are ensuring that the liveliness and health of our club continues well into the future.

You can contact the Membership Officer if you want to join a group. Click on the envelope tab to send an email. 

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